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What is rdbc-pgsql?

rdbc-pgsql is a netty based rdbc driver for PostgreSQL allowing asynchronous communication with the database in Scala and Java languages.

rdbc API

You'll be using this PostgreSQL driver via the database vendor agnostic API which usage is not covered by this documentation. This guide describes things that are specific to the driver itself. Please head to the API documentation site for detailed information on API usage and general rdbc concepts.

Supported PostrgreSQL versions

The driver aims to support two latest stable PostgreSQL versions. Currently it means supporting PostgreSQL 10.x and 9.6.x. The driver is tested against only these two versions but in fact, it should work with all versions since 7.4.

Getting help

Join rdbc-io/rdbc gitter channel for questions and any kind of discussion about rdbc and the driver.

See also rdbc tag on StackOverflow.


rdbc-pgsql is an open source software licensed under Apache License 2.0.